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Construction Cost Estimating/Consulting

277 Park Ave.
The Continuum on South Beach
Miami, FL

IVI has prepared over 5,000 direct and indirect construction cost estimates for domestic and international projects. These estimates range in scope from conceptual estimates to detailed quantity take-off/unit cost estimates and have been used for:

  • Direct and indirect budget analyses
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost-to-complete studies
  • Indirect cost auditing and analysis
  • Replacement and reproduction cost studies
  • Assisting corporate strategic planning departments
  • Reviewing of contractor's change
  • Securing construction financing
  • Insurance claims and legal proceedings

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Certifications

The The Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993 made the low-income housing tax credit a permanent part of the Internal Revenue Code. The tax credit gives private organizations an incentive to work with state and local governments to meet the need of providing affordable housing. Tax credit housing is sponsored by private organizations; many of them are non-profits with strong ties to their communities.

IVI assists these groups:

  • Review of plans and specifications
  • Documentation and regulatory review
  • Analysis of the construction budget
  • Monthly site visits and progress reports
  • Requisition reviews and budget status reporting
  • Review and tracking of construction and disbursement schedules
  • Review of on-going construction documentation